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15 September

Supermileage Featured in uOttawa Promo Video

Well it looks like we’re famous now, we’ve been included in this surprisingly inspirational promotional video for the university. Although our team might not be quite as cool as pole vaulting, we’d like to think we’re pretty close. See if you can spot all of the Supermileage team members, we’re the one’s with the tools and greasy engines.

21 July

Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website, and with it, the sharing of our pursuits, struggles, and achievements. We believe in the sharing of all knowledge gained through the construction of our vehicle because we are not against the other teams, we are against the rampant, unsustainable consumption of fossil fuels. Without the open and widespread advancement of high efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles the planet we leave to our descendants will be a lesser place, we will not stand idle and wait for change. We believe that there is no limit to what can be attempted; our time is the only cost, and wasting it, our only risk.


Our generous benefactors

  • University of Ottawa

    The contributions of the university are numerous and diverse. Monetary donations for the purchase of equipment and materials, advice and guidance provided by the faculty and machine shop staff, a dedicated workshop at the Brunsfield Centre, and countless more contributions small and large.

    University of Ottawa
  • Dessault Systèmes – SolidWorks

    Dessault Systèmes provided their SolidWorks CAD software to the entire Supermileage team. Long before any component is incorporated into the vehicle it is first realized in SolidWorks, streamlining to design process and allowing any issues to be resolved long before manufacturing.

    Dessault Systèmes – SolidWorks
  • Altair Engineering – HyperWorks

    Altair Engineering provided a full commercial license for their HyperWorks finite element simulation software which is used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries for structural simulation. This software is an invaluable tool for analyzing and optimizing the carbon fibre composite body of the vehicle.

    Altair Engineering – HyperWorks