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22 December

Month of Engine Madness

It’s the time of year to spend with those you are closest and disassemble engines and build dynamometers. Our engine team lead, Eric, has put together an aggressively quick plan to build a dyno so that we can test the stock engine and compare its performance at every step as we make our modifications. The first priority for the engine is building a starter motor, then we will be installing port injection and tuning everything to a custom programmed ECU. It’s going to be a happy, high efficiency holiday season.


We got our engine from Yarmand Landscaping and Construction Equipment at a generously reduced Supermileage price. Huge thank you to Masood, a uOttawa alumni who was our contact for making everything happen. Just like a kid at Christmas, it took us about an hour from the time we received it at the Brunsfield Center to completely disassemble it and spread it around a table. However, unlike that kid, we know how to put it back together!

7 October

SAE Competition

It’s official, we’re registered to compete in the SAE Supermileage competition this June!
uOttawa Supermileage


Our generous benefactors

  • PPG Industries

    The transparent amour division of PPG has generously donated poly-carbonate material to be formed into the windows of the vehicle. Their advanced coatings shield aircraft from impacts and will provide the utmost safety for our driver and shatter-resistance for our windows.

    PPG Industries
  • Click Bond

    Click Bond provides adhesive bonded fasteners meant to compliment composite structures and provide strong and reliable attachment points. A Variety of hardware has been donated which will be incorporated into the carbon fibre shell of the vehicle.

    Click Bond
  • 3M Canada

    3M provided the entire team with personal protective equipment allowing for safe and clean manufacturing.

    3M Canada
  • University of Ottawa

    The contributions of the university are numerous and diverse. Monetary donations for the purchase of equipment and materials, advice and guidance provided by the faculty and machine shop staff, a dedicated workshop at the Brunsfield Centre, and countless more contributions small and large.

    University of Ottawa
  • Dessault Systèmes – SolidWorks

    Dessault Systèmes provided their SolidWorks CAD software to the entire Supermileage team. Long before any component is incorporated into the vehicle it is first realized in SolidWorks, streamlining to design process and allowing any issues to be resolved long before manufacturing.

    Dessault Systèmes – SolidWorks
  • Altair Engineering – HyperWorks

    Altair Engineering provided a full commercial license for their HyperWorks finite element simulation software which is used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries for structural simulation. This software is an invaluable tool for analyzing and optimizing the carbon fibre composite body of the vehicle.

    Altair Engineering – HyperWorks